Our story

About us

In today’s world, as human standards of living and luxury increases, so does our needs, wants, tasks and stress levels. Even the smallest change and advancement has the power to change our daily lives. Our Intel Buds push the boundaries of wireless earbuds. Thanks to artificial intelligence combined with a pairing app they can serve various functions. They not only play music connected through Bluetooth with your phone but can also serve as a sleep soother perfect for those who live in a buoyant urban city. They also serve as a note taker, reminder, and alarm for busy people such as students and corporate workers. Intel Buds comfortably fits the shape of your ear and adjusts to your skin tone. This technology can save you time in your everyday life and change the outcome of your performance. 

An Inside Look at Our Open House

On November 22nd, 2019 our firm held its Open House as an official introduction to real-world clients. We prepared a presentation explaining the unique characteristics of our product and how it could positively impact daily life. We offered snacks and refreshments to our clients which acted as an incentive for sales. Intel Buds sold a quantity of 310 units (2 Intel Buds per unit) and generated a total of $38,750 gross revenue. We would like to thank our employees for their hard work and commitment as well as the customers who purchased from our firm.

Our presenters' during our Open House. On the left is Johana Rolles, Marketing and Jasmine Small, IT

Refreshments we offered to our clients and investors. In the picture our IT member: Jean Saint-Val

Our sales department, from left to right: Brianna Williams, Giovany Jimenez, and Jakayla Bryant.

Our Finance Department: YingYing Chen, Yasaswi Nimmagadda, and Fania Saint-Germain


TJHS Business & Finance Academy

A group of 18 hard-working, passionate, and creative individuals have joined forces to come up with the firm that is Intel Buds. This is not only our major project for senior year, it is our opportunity to showcase the skills and knowledge we learned the past 4 years. We, at Intel Buds, promise to give 100% of ourselves to the management of this company and ensure its exemplary performance.